Thursday, October 27, 2011

Five good minutes with John Greenberg

The Varsity Boys had an off week from racing, as they prepare to head into the championship part of the season.  I caught up with Sophomore John Greenberg and asked him a couple of questions about the season etc.  John recently ran a huge pr at pennypacker.  He dropped 2:39 from last years time on the same course.  His mile pr from spring track  is 4:56.   John shared some thoughts about his breakout season.

Tim Malloy:  What did you do differently this year between freshman year to sophomore year?

John Greenberg:   "Coming into my Freshman year I did no summer training whats so ever.  Heading into this summer I was sure to train really hard.  I had some good mentors to run with this past summer like Ben, Matt & Timmy.  They pushed the pace which I think really help me out.  As the summer went on I got stronger which has really help me race this season"

TM: Did the coaches give you a plan on how to train this summer?

JG: At the end of track season we had a meeting about XC and we were given a summer calender, but I really wanted to step it up and I felt confident that I could step it up. The days I felt good I tried to run as many miles as I could.

TM :What do you like best about XC?

JG:  Nothing is better than getting a PR. I also like helping the team win a big meet like in NY when we won the NYC XC carnival.

TM: Talk about what its been like following in the foot steps of some of the great XC teams Haddonfield has had in the past.

JG: We definitely felt it (pressure) and coming into this season we all knew we had a lot of hard work to do.  I think if we continue to work hard we will be right there with some of those past teams in the coming years.

TM: Whats your favorite class?

JG:  Accelerated US History 1 with Mr Miller.  It's my hardest class, but its also my favorite.

John Greenberg=Hard work
TM: Do you have any pre-race superstition?

JG:  Before dual meets when we do our warm up we never go through the chute at the finish line.

TM:  How did that come about? Was it passed down from previous teams?

JG: I am not sure, but Greg Halla (captain) told us at the beginning of the season that we could never do it.

TM: Do you have any personal superstition?

JG: I have two pair of trainers.  A light pair and a heavy pair.  On meet days I warm up in my heavy trainers.

TM:  Special pre race meal or food?

JG:  I like to eat Italian before races.

TM:  If I stole your I-Pod what would I be listening to?

JG:  Most likely Rap & Bruce Springsteen. I like to listen to Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen before races.

TM: If you weren't running for the bulldawgs this fall what would you be doing?

JG: Playing soccer

TM:  How did you get interested in running?  Did you run on Mrs. Baker middle school xc team?

JG: Yes, but I would only show up once every two weeks.  I'd played soccer for Mr. Earhardt and he would tell me,  "you two look pretty quick".  I went out for middle school track and ran the half mile and I liked it.  Erin Donahue was my coach and told my parents that I would be good at running and that I should go out for cross in the fall. 

TM:  This time last year your season was over.  As you head into the championship part of the season do you have any team &/or personal goals?

JG:  Team wise we would like to get on the stage @ MOC & personally I would like to break 17 minutes at Holmdel.

TM:  Your mile pr is 4:56, you went out last week  in 5:02.  What was going through your mind when you  heard your mile time & it was only 6 seconds slower than your open mile pr?    Did you panic?

JG: Coach Baker said it was going to go out hard & I knew it would.  I went out with Patrick Shea who has done a good job of pacing me all season.  He knows what he is doing and I trust him.

TM:  Were you surprised by how well you ran last week at the All Star meet?

JG:  Yes.  At camp this summer one of my goals that I wrote down was to break 16:45 at Pennypacker.  I knew I was capable of doing that.  The summer training and hard work carried me through to my pr of 16:15.

I want to thank John for taking the time to answer my questions.  John is a perfect example of what makes XC so great.  No if & buts or candy & nuts.   Its not as hard as Mr. Miller's accelerated  US History class.  Do the work and results will follow.  We wish John & all the other Dawgs to stay Healthy, Happy & Hungry as they head into sectionals next week

Look for my sectional preview next week. 

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog.  This week my blog registered its 1,000 visitor.  I wonder how many Courier Post subscriptions that would equal if they still covered XC?

See you on the course.

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